Deep renovation of buildings could cut 36% of their energy consumption by 2030, while reducing EU energy import dependency, creating growth, innovation and employment, reducing fuel poverty and resulting in more comfortable and healthier buildings. A big push is needed! All EU Member States need to develop a national strategy for the renovation of their building stock (Article 4 of the Energy Efficiency Directive). The first versions of these strategies were published in 2014, an update is expected every three years. 

Action at national level however is not enough. All cities, districts and regions have to be proactive. 


EmBuild works with public authorities to support them in meeting all five of the requirements set out in Article 4 by:

Data analysis

(a) increasing their capacity to collect data and analyse it to draw an accurate picture of national building stocks.

(b) identifying cost-effective approaches to renovations.


(c) making policy recommendations to stimulate cost-effective deep renovations of buildings as well as identifying best practices in the six target countries.

Investment climate

(d) growing their capacity - through various means, such as face-to-face workshops, webinars, web-based instruments - to guide public investment decisions and to facilitate private sector involvement.

Wider benefits

(e) gathering evidence and providing the tools to measure and communicate expected energy savings and wider benefits.


Moreover, all the materials EmBuild develops to raise awareness about the project and its goals can be found here.

Renovation plans

 Local plans and strategies developed during the Embuild project.